Getting Started with a Psychotherapist

  • Your insurance website. To my knowledge, I’ve never gotten a referral directly from the insurance webpage, but it does legitimize if the therapist actually accepts your insurance. Typically, sites call this section ‘Provider Finder.’
  • Psychology Today — This is a user friendly website where most therapists post services.
  • — This site is connected with Simple Practice (which is a large electronic medical record company that is popular among therapists.) This is where therapists bill, do video chats, write notes. The user flow is super easy for prospective clients
  • Websites with easy user flow that I like: ZocDoc, Zencare, and My Wellbeing
  • — This is a site where providers (therapists) list sliding scale prices. The user pays a lifetime fee ($59), which allows you to search for people in your area.
  • Referrals from a friend. When a potential client informs me they received my information from a friend, boy am I quick to respond — even if I don’t have any openings.What’s more, is that this therapist has been vetted by someone you trust. Yes, the therapist may not be a good fit, but it helps to have someone do a lot of the grunt work for you.
  • What do you do to foster connection?
  • How do your personal values influence your therapy practice?
  • Would you recommend me taking other consultation calls?



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Garrett Shotwell, LCSW

Garrett Shotwell, LCSW

Empathetic Psychotherapist sharing stories & articles about mental health.